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Argléton Studio is an independent 3D studio working exclusively with visual artists for exceptionally formulated projects. Founded in 2011, the studio focuses on ambitious, imaginative and visionary projects that make use of 3D technologies not only for their esthetical implications (visual effects), but also as tools in transformative processes that take on the challenge of creating change and value in the real world.  

Each project is executed through practical, hands-on skills, and enhanced with refined conceptual support for the strongest imagery evolution in response to the specificity of the client’s aspiration.


Argléton Studio derives its name from the imaginary town of Argleton, England: a phantom village that appeared on Google Maps and Google Earth but does not actually exist.




Critical Mass


by Anne de Vries


Published on the cover of

Flash Art International

no. 311 November – December


CGI by Argléton Studio

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